How it all started...

Kirk Martin is a man whose life is nothing less than a miracle of God. He first surrendered his life to Christ on the back of a makeshift tour bus in Orlando Florida 1993.

Having come from an extraordinarily abusive background and suffering through things that most people would never recover from, Kirk found healing, solace and peace within the Word of God and also in the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life.

For 15 years a man named Pastor Bill Tulip took Kirk under his wing and mentored him in the word of God and gave him great in-depth study into the Greek, to better understand the translations of the New Testament.


Beauty  and  the  beast ...

Kirk and Lesley  meet through divine appointment at an international worship conference in Ottawa Canada, in November 2002. People were there from all over the world, and they just happened to run each other, on the evening, of the very last day of the event. 

It was miracle money, miracle timing and America's circumstances that allowed Kirk to get to that worship conference all the way in Ottawa Canada. A friend of Kirk's mysteriously felt led to pay for a plane ticket so Kirk could go and participate, and at the time Kirk was working full-time building fences and decks and was greatly needed on the job, but again the hand of God moved and Kirk made his way to the conference.

Kirk had actually run into Lesley's mother early on in the event, where they  talked about Various different issues pertaining to worshiping God and the word of God in the conversation ultimately ended with Lesley's mother telling Kirk that her daughter, Lesley shared several of the passions that he did.

Lesley's mother Sandy Silverman, recalls telling Lesley, "I think some hoe you will be in ministry with that guy." Little did Lesley's mother know how right she was!

Through email for several weeks, and then eventually phone conversation, Kirk was invited to a Rodney Howard Browne conference in London Ontario with Lesley's family. Kirk recalls how his pastor, Bill Tulip Senior, told him "I really feel good about this girl, you need to go up and spend time with her family", he then put a handful of money in Kirk's hand and told him to go to Canada!  

Into  the  covenant...

After initially meeting in Ottawa Canada in November 2002, Kirk and Lesley  were married 6 months later in May of  2003 and began to travel and minister,  leading worship and preaching the gospel all over North America.

Shortly after being married they became pregnant with their first child, and during that time they recorded their first worship album "Covenant"! Through divine intervention, and the presence of God in their lives, they were able to record Covenant , in Toronto Canada, with internationally known producer Paul Milner

Doors opened up to allow Kirk and Lesley to minister all over North America and touch thousands of lives. Kirk and Lesley appeared on international television several times, were on the 700 Club, as well as had a full article write up in 

Christian Musician Magazine.

 Kirk and Lesley had the opportunity to record their second album "Reflections" with world renowned Christian recording artist and producer, Kevin Prosch. Unfortunately during the process of recording the album in 2006, Kirk was struck down for the second time in his life with a rare neurological disorder which not only causes severe, unthinkable, unmanageable neurological pain, but it also causes Kirk to have full facial paralysis which makes it extraordinarily difficult to talk let alone sing. Kirk had had it happened once before he met Lesley, and had about a 90% recovery, but this time it was really bad and lasted for several months. 

Refusing to quit, lay down and die, Kirk did the best he could and they put the album out, hoping that people would enjoy the story behind the recording and what it took to get this product in the market. Even though it was not mixed and produced as well as it could have been due to time constraints and Kirk's condition and his ability to produce vocally and play.

Where we are headed...

Kirk and Lesley recently just begun to write and worship again in their living room as Kirk is recovering from the series of the years of financial, mental and emotional brokenness from the rare disorder. They are planning to record another project with Paul Milner from Toronto and with God's grace and mercy it will be out by mid summer of 2021

Be a part of our growing story...